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    While bouldering may, for the moment, be the most popular of the vertical sports on the Eastside, it is certainly not the only one.  Keen to tie into the sharp end?  I HIGHLY recommend Clark's Canyon.  Located north on 395, about half an hour from Mammoth Lakes, turn left on "Owen's River Rd."  Follow this road for a little while, and make the first left.  This is the Big Spring's Campground.  It's a free campground boasting facilities, great fishing and access to The Tall Boys, Alper's Canyon, and Clark's Canyon, as well as a few little known areas.  Be careful where you drive out here, as it is very easy to get lost.  "The Guide to Mammoth Area Rock Climbs" by Marty Lewis and John Moynier has excellent directions and...well, decent, anyhow...topos.  Check here for detailed directions...
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disclaimer: The grades at Clark's tend to be a bit inflated.  Don't say I didn't warn you...