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    Welcome to, your online guide to technical rockclimbing in the Eastern Sierra.  This site is built for climbers by climbers, with a dedication to the abundant climbing resources you'll find in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, from Bishop in the south, to Tuolomne Meadows in the north...and all points in between.  Inside you'll find directions, information, links to get you started...and pictures to provide some inspiration.  So come on in and enjoy the show...
    This is the view over Bishop on the trail that leads to the Druid Stones.  That small patch of green in the background is Bishop.  The rock up here is high quality granite, polished to a fine surface with incut patina flakes in abundance.  The hike is a bit of a trek in the summertime, (45 min. uphill), but the quality and quantity of rock make it worth your while.

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!!!DISCLAIMER!!!  Rockclimbing is an inherently dangerous sport...bla, bla, could be seriously injured and even killed if you don't know what the hell you're doing.  Proper instruction and protection are recommended.  No grades provided herein are meant to determine whether or not YOU can do a particular route or problem.  It is up to YOU to know your limitations.  Be careful, always use a competent spotter/belayer and quality rope/crashpad...and above all else...HAVE FUN!!

not enough information for you??  I live locally and really enjoy providing people with the beta they need to enjoy this area, so don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions, comments or concerns.  I will answer your queries as quickly and concisely as I can...

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