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What's New--
----The 19th Annual Phoenix Bouldering Contest came off yet again without a hitch.  How DOES Jim Waugh and friends manage to get 700+ climbers all in a canyon, provide free beer and live music, and STILL maintain a semblance of control and order??  I don't know, but every year I'm glad they do...

----Spring is in the air.  Highway 120 (Tioga Pass) through Yosemite Valley is open.  To my knowledge, camping facilities in Tuolomne Meadows have not opened yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I know.  But with the onslaught of hotter temps in Bishop, the northern areas are opening up.  Clark's Canyon is at prime condition for sportclimbing, as well as Deadman's Summit, the Sherwin Plateau, Bachar's Boulders, Rock Creek, and on and on...  If you're seeking directions to any of the northern areas, you can check here or e-mail me for directions.

----I've just added more pictures of The Buttermilk areas and two new pages for The Sads and The Druids.   Check 'em out!!

----I've just added a recommended problem list.  Check out our "Bishop Area Classics" page to see my recommendations by area and grade.   

---Avatars are back!!  Regular forum members can now show they're climbers by adding avatars to their personal profiles.  Use these free climbing avatars as you see fit, and let all the other posters know what's up...

---October 19 and 20 will see another Access Fund cleanup and gathering in the Bishop Area.  October 19 at the Happy Boulders and October 20 at the Buttermilks.  Bring your climbing shoes and your work gloves...and be on the lookout for an unconfirmed (as of yet) party in the Pit on the 19...Pictures to follow soon, so check back in a week or two...

---As you may have noticed, I've added a new section.  The "Random Pictures" section will be my opportunity to display my second passion in life, photography.  Inside you'll find pics of my girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter clowning around and various landscape and artistic shots from around my hometown of Mammoth Lakes.  All of the pictures inside were taken by me unless otherwise noted...

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